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We are a Family owned and operated business. We became involved with Monarch Butterflies over fifteen years ago. We thought that it would be fun to grow a "butterfly garden” so that our young daughter could watch butterflies develop. Little did we know that the progression of watching butterflies grow from an egg into a caterpillar, into a chrysalis, and then finally into a magnificent butterfly, would absolutely mesmerize us all. As a matter of fact, in the beginning we had a hard time releasing our "little butterflies”.
Since those early days we have developed into skillful butterfly breeders. Our stunning and vigorous butterflies have been enjoyed by thousands of people at Life Celebrations, Memorials, Funerals, and other special events. Our Butterfly Farm is located near West Palm Beach, Florida. Where, the tropical sunshine enables us to raise beautiful Monarch Butterflies year round. We have USDA permits to ship our Butterflies to most states and cities EAST of the Continental Divide. When you order from us you will receive the hands on service that only a Mom & Pop’s organization can provide and the peace of mind of knowing that we belong to an ethical network of Butterfly Breeders. Our Membership with the International Butterfly Breeders Association has given us the opportunity to learn state of the art techniques in Butterfly Rearing and the opportunity to develop relationships with other butterfly farmers.
The IBBA, International Butterfly Breeders Association, is an international, nonprofit, trade association, promoting high standards of ethics, competence and professionalism in the breeding of quality Lepidoptera (butterflies) for all purposes. They accomplish this through research, grower education, market development and habitat conservation and restoration.
Through the IBBA we have had the opportunity to meet, learn from, and listen to many expert Lepidopterists and Entomologists. Our butterflies are hand raised and visually and microscopically examined for disease. We want our customers to release healthy and happy butterflies!

We are more than just vendors; we take a special interest in the needs of our customers. Please call us, so that we can assist you with the planning of your Butterfly Release experience.



Please Note:

The temperature must be at least 62°F for Monarch Butterflies to take flight. Check here to view the average daily temperature in the town where your Butterfly Wedding Release will take place.  
The USDA regulates the interstate shipment of Live Monarch Butterflies. We can only ship Our Monarch Butterflies to States East of the Continental Divide (Rocky Mountains). It is unlawful to ship Monarch Butterflies to states West of the continental divide. Click Here for a Map of the Continental Divide

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